There is no time to be judging others

When I look back in the church history I can but realize how it has been difficult for many of the modern church fathers to come to the understanding of the mercy and love of God. Yes they read countless times the scriptures that taught about God’s love but yet took them a lifetime to be assured of his saving grace. John Wesley a man who founded the Methodist church at age 63, wrote to his brother, “I do not love God. I never did. Therefore I never believed, in the Christian sense of the word. Therefore I am only an honest heathen…And yet, to be so employed of God!” [1], From this i can see a man who did not see himself as perfect but humble before God. After some years at his bed when he lay dying he said, “The best of all is, God is with us.” [1]. How come we think of ourselfs as perfect and hence the urgency to judge others. Jesus teaches that before one could remove a spec from his brother he himself must first remove the spec in his own eye. Remove your spec first, selfishness might surprise you, spend more time studying the Bible and in prayer, does not the bible teach, seek you will find, knock and the door shall be opened to you. This is a promise from Jesus.

How do you know you are in the faith such that you think now you can be a judge, do you not know how hard it has been for dedicated men to understand doctrines regarding justification by faith, sanctification and assurance by the holy spirit, or you think your feelings and emotions bear witness to your assurance in God that now you can be the judge? The question is, are you finding more desire to study the scriptures, to know God, to seek God’s own heart, to love others as you love yourselves, is your life being changed? are you now more forgiving, less becoming angery, etc? are you seeing all the more who you are and what you are? What are your fruits? Is there really time to be judging others have you really understood deeply what the bible is teaching? Are you truly being yourselves or are you also trying to mimic your pastor and friends in condemning others?. Do you know what it means to meat Jesus Christ personally? And if you did, is your heart trying to behave more like him? lets test ourselves before we go on running to judge others. The schools are first tested before they can test the students. Do we not know that the one who judges will be judge by the same measure he judges!!!. Yes the bible says that and that, but did you know that before the bible can speak to someone else’s ear it must speak to your own ear first. The bible must first expose you and hence be your mirror so that you may speak the living word of God to others, for they will first see it working in your life. What laziness has come upon us? why should we feel better by trying to prove to others how wrong they are or that we have a better religion. Why don’t I prove first how wrong I am? Does not these reveal how depraved, poor and needy we are? Are not these behaviors coming from the same foundation of feeling a better person by lowering others. Are not these the foundation of inferiority complex and pride? What a waste of precious time, judge for yourselves if you are in the faith (2 Corinthians 13:5), it is not for you to judge if others are in the faith. God alone is the judge.

By the way I am a subject and still think in many ways I still judge others, so this message was written for me.

[1] Wikipedia,, last accessed, 26 October 2010


Monologue or Dialogue ?

If we try to bully people into agreeing that their right was wrong and that they have been serving the devil. They may be made to fear God’s punishment and this may lead them to accept the message. However are they accepting it becasue their conscience convicts them or becasue we have forced them into it ? we tell them what they are guilty of. We tell them they ought to feel guilty and we may succeed in making them feel guilty [A.C. Krass]. But is that the way of truth and life, lets look at what Taylor said:

“A christ who releases me from guilt that has been induced, and forgives sins of which the Church but not my conscience has accused me, will not be the saviour of my world. The ture Christ of the Gospels works more fundamentaly. Starting with the question, what wilt thou that i should do unto there ? He is prepared to be present to the other man with an infinite patience until he himself recognizes and points out the shape of evil in his own world”