Renewable energy technologies…

Firstly, things here in Canada are different, people of a lighter skin are cleaning the streets, the subway, etc. I felt a bit wierd because i am so used to seing people of a darker skin do such work. Anyways, this is not Africa…the majority are not Africans. Secondly, i met this chinese guy who crosses almost all the boundaries, talk about being out of the box. This guy made his own fuel cell at home, he can fix almost anything,  if it was not for so many regulatory laws in Canada, this guy would have his car running on water or used oil. He has a master’s degree in Civil engineering and refuses to work for anyone. Right now, he works for a church and for some school to fix and install stuff. He sees no reason to have gone to a formal school, for he believes everything can be learnt through the internet/youtube.  He feels that if he was in South Africa, he would do a lot, for there are few regulatory laws most especial for renewable energy technologies. This guy redifines things acording to his understanding, he does not go along with the current accepted definitions of the society and so called professionals.

This made me question then, who really makes the rules of how we should live. Clearly here in Canada if people such as this friend of mine had their way, i bet, lots of business will loose out.  So to prevet such freedom, regulations are made. So at the end of the day, regulations might not necessarily mean to make people’s lives better, but so that bussiness may make more profits. If this guy was in South Africa, he would literaly not pay electrity and petrol. Now apart from one wanting to save lots of money due to better energy technologies, i think life could be better and highly simple. We have lots of rural places in South Africa, they could have access to information about their country through radio, the education system could be improved massively through electrification  of many rural places.  We are told that many of the renewable energy technologies such as solar pannels, geothermal, etc, are expensive, but when i told this guy such news his face shrunk, he could not believe me, it was as if i was saying a joke. He told me of his civil engineering friend who just build a geothermal energy system and its been shared by ten people. These people are not rich but are able to afford the system. In Africa we have lots of land, great climate for renewable energy technologies, still having rural places without electricity and people spending lots of money on energy is just a joke to this friend of mine.  So Africa what are we waiting for?


Time shift: I became younger

I arrived in Canada Montreal on Friday, 31st December 2010. I left South Africa on Thursday 30th December 2010. My flight went through Germany at which point the time had already shifted backwards by one hour. I was now one hour younger. I arrived in Montreal and around 17:20, South Africa was busy celebrating their new year, 2011, however, i was still enjoying 2010. The striking fact is that, i became younger. This means that i will be celebrating my birthday approximatly seven hours late, sorry mother for this undeniable fact. Anyways it is pretty cold here, however i think i came prepared. But i am told that the temperatures are still not as bad, its warm according to the Canadians.