Unity does not mean conformity

I read an article entitled “unity, not conformity” and at the end was a nice story…i don’t know how true the story is, however the story just put the puzzle together for me:

“Once upon a time, the inhabitants of a small village built a tower. All the groups brought stones from their yards to build it—the town council, the potter’s guild, the teachers, the cooks, the farmers, the seamstresses, and all the others worked hard to build the tower.

But almost as soon as it was done, they started fighting among themselves.

-The town council wanted to use the tower to hold political meetings.

-The potters wanted to use it for guild meetings.

-The farmers wanted to have agricultural forums.

-Some groups wanted artistic and cultural events.

And on and on it went.

Finally, all the groups got mad, and stone by stone, they dismantled the tower. And the people took their rocks home. But one old man remained, sitting by the foundation of the decimated tower. Someone passed by and said, “Old man, take your stone and go home.” The old man replied, “From the top of that tower, I could see the ocean.”

We are not here merely to exercise our own gifts. We are here to use those gifts to worship God, to love God, and to serve each other. God called us together, with all our diversity, so that we can see beyond the horizon—so that we can get a glimpse of eternity. Brothers—sisters—let us love one another so that can happen.”


Welcome 2012, the long awaited year…

Somehow i feel that there is something unique about this year. A movie named 2012 was released last year depicting how the end of the world would be like. However this was probably because of the hype that was made around the Mayan calendar.  One of the helpers at the university was born in the Guatemala and knows to some degree about the Mayan civilization.  According to what he knows about the Mayans is that, 2012 marked the year(expected period) where all the gods of the universe will return to earth and not necessary the end of the Mayan calendar as is popularly believed(well that’s according to him).

According to the Chinese calendar 2012 is their water dragon year.

There is also an African Pastor T.B Joshua who is well known to be accurate in his prophecies who warned that 2012 was the year where famine could hit the world very hard. He urged governments to pull more strings towards encouraging more farming activities.

As from my side, i thank God to be alive thus far, this is the year i learned how to ski and soon would be learning skating.  so far the year is still new and fresh, i shall see what the Lord will allow me to experience this year…