Once more into the fray (Live and Die on this day)

“Once more into the fray
Into the last good fight I’ll ever know…”

My penance piety does not suffice

As the fray takes toll upon my mortal

As the dagger slices and dices

The fort crumbles…

Hope and pray I be reborn

To dive into the fray one other

To face demons whose fire I stoke

That my soul for peace to have

My heart for ants to feed

Yet death hath become this life I boast

All good fights have come to this

The moment on which I stand

The weapon upon my hand

Broken sheath under my feet

On this day I am born

On this day I die

I must hope and pray

That one day I learn to hope and pray

Eyes gaze beyond the clouds

For an omen I might see

This fort mine blessing and curse.

Immortality it might be

The bright light that cometh my way

Into the last good night I’ll ever see.

“…Live and die on this day

Live and Die on this day.” [Inspired from the movie Grey]

What a beautiful poem, the struggle of mankind to be emancipated into who they truly are,…i hope too that one day i would learn to hope and pray, to live and die on this day. What a picture of Jesus Christ,  his way of liberating the soul of others was through dearth,  a total contrast to the thinking of modern mankind, we continue to deny the basic reality of life, a seed first needs to die before it can come to life[John 12:24]…live and die on this day. I will end with the words of our late Dr Martin Luther King Jr, “…If a man hasn’t discovered something he will die for, he isn’t fit to live.”