My Visit Home

Its been a while since i wrote on my blog. Though i am writing in little time i try something. Well i was able to go to South Africa and stayed for almost a month . My first three days were consumed by a bible conference in Johannesburg. The conference was very graceful and the spotlight was one of the brothers who felt convinced in his heart that God has called him to go to Mozambique as a missionary. He delivered a message based on the book of Acts, his message theme was, “But you will receive power when the holy spirit comes on you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

Bible Conference Night fire…(August 10-12)

His message was so graceful as it had a stamp of his conviction to go to Mozambique as a missionary. I was also happy to see my brothers and sisters whom i used to have fellowship with, it was so good to see all of us joined together for one hope, to know God and live for his glory. The theme of the conference was, “you will be my witnesses”, this is what Jesus Christ left the believers with before he returned to heaven to the father. We also heard great and wonderful testimonies which testified that Jesus indeed is alive and is working the hearts of many raise them as witnesses of God’s glory and love.  While in Johannesburg i stayed with my friend and brother Desmond, he took good care of me, took me to wherever i wanted to go, i am very thankful. I was also able to see my brother Sekwati, though i spent little time with, he is very busy, sometimes i worry for him he is just too busy. Now i will stop here regarding the conference otherwise this page will never be enough…

Cultural dance filled with gospel message

I was also able to see my family, i was introduced to my nephew and niece (Amogelang and Kabo) see their beautiful picture below.

My Nephew and Niece

From this point i realized that whether i like it or not i am a leader, my other nephew Moipone already looks up to me,  i have to be careful on what i speak and how i speak, she can see the things i love and the things i am not pleased with. On Sunday i  was able to visit the church they go to. I will not say much with regards to that Sunday so that i do not end up discrediting my own words. All in all in the little time i had with them it was joyous. So that i may have this in record, when i arrived at home it did not feel like home as i had expected. In fact i was even afraid to open the fridge as if i was in someone’s house. I was just sitting there as if i was a guest, however thankfully with time it came back to me that i was at home even though i had to keep convincing myself that i was at home.

There were some sad things, i head of some schools being burnt due to a strike for social services, this took me aback, i could not believe that a community could do such a thing. I understand the strike, but burning of the schools was just not the way.  Anyways whom am i say anything at this moment, education is a building block you do not burn a building block down in the name of building a society…come on eish. Its like shooting yourself on the foot, one man said, the community thinks that the government is doing them a favor. Another thing that i could not understand in Kuruman was the many cars we own. Mind you these were not just cars but nice cars, it was as if Kuruman was Klerksdorp or Johannesburg. This to me did not look right, i mean the buildings in Kuruman have not changed, the roads are still the same, yet nice cars all over the show. To me it looks like a man who is dressed up well yet at home has nothing. As if like a man/woman who continues to grow rich yet does not help those close to him/her. I head a story about two guys who worked at a mine, both of them got a salary increase. One of them started looking at investments and the other was looking at the latest cars on the net. I do not want to racialize this use, however the one who was looking for the latest cars happens to be a black Imean one of the indicators that something is wrong in our society is the increased crime, increased car accidents, strikes that results in the burning of schools and locking school gates so that school kids may not be educated. I wish to talk more on this issue as i said i have limited time…let me stick to the good nice stuff…my grannyyys…

I was also able to see my two grannies…from my fathers side and my mothers side.

Both of them live in Mafikeng.