Keeping Jesus’ word

“I tell you the truth if anyone keeps my word, he will never see dearth”–John 8:51

Our lives are surrounded by things, things we want to keep and have. We want to have things so that we may keep them. We want to have a house, a car, wealth, respect, honor, etc. However non of these things can prevent us from seeing dearth. No matter how much of these things we want, we all know we will die one day. In the movie Gladiator, Maximus says, “dearth smiles at us all…all that man can do is smile back”. However on the other hand Jesus says, anyone who keeps my word will never see dearth. Jesus says anyone, whether poor or rich, whether weak or strong, anyone who keeps my word will never see dearth. This makes one even wonder on, how much it costs to keep Jesus word compared to the things we so eagerly want to have and keep.

However we all know we die, so what does Jesus mean that we will never see dearth. Let us first look at what dearth does. Dearth is cold, its dark, its the end, it has hopelessness and despair, when dead we can do nothing we loose our life. Those who keep Jesus word will always be alive, hopeful, energetic, etc. They will never see dearth. The physical dearth is also not the real dearth, in Jesus those who physically die will rise again, just like Jesus rose from the dead. Keeping Jesus word will make us not see dearth but see God, it will make us live in he presence of an ever living God.

However where is Jesus word and how can we keep Jesus word? Jesus word is found in the Bible, his apostles kept a record of his word and teachings. We can keep Jesus word by believing in him, trusting in him and by constant prayer. It is so beautiful that Jesus makes us truly free from keeping things, for the truth is that non of the things we keep can evade us from dearth. Only Jesus word has the power to make us not see dearth. Though some things we keep may be important, however they should not hold such great importance than the word of Jesus. Only Jesus word is life and trustworthy for living in this world. May we prayerful keep Jesus word. Amen.