Keeping Jesus’ word

“I tell you the truth if anyone keeps my word, he will never see dearth”–John 8:51

Our lives are surrounded by things, things we want to keep and have. We want to have things so that we may keep them. We want to have a house, a car, wealth, respect, honor, etc. However non of these things can prevent us from seeing dearth. No matter how much of these things we want, we all know we will die one day. In the movie Gladiator, Maximus says, “dearth smiles at us all…all that man can do is smile back”. However on the other hand Jesus says, anyone who keeps my word will never see dearth. Jesus says anyone, whether poor or rich, whether weak or strong, anyone who keeps my word will never see dearth. This makes one even wonder on, how much it costs to keep Jesus word compared to the things we so eagerly want to have and keep.

However we all know we die, so what does Jesus mean that we will never see dearth. Let us first look at what dearth does. Dearth is cold, its dark, its the end, it has hopelessness and despair, when dead we can do nothing we loose our life. Those who keep Jesus word will always be alive, hopeful, energetic, etc. They will never see dearth. The physical dearth is also not the real dearth, in Jesus those who physically die will rise again, just like Jesus rose from the dead. Keeping Jesus word will make us not see dearth but see God, it will make us live in he presence of an ever living God.

However where is Jesus word and how can we keep Jesus word? Jesus word is found in the Bible, his apostles kept a record of his word and teachings. We can keep Jesus word by believing in him, trusting in him and by constant prayer. It is so beautiful that Jesus makes us truly free from keeping things, for the truth is that non of the things we keep can evade us from dearth. Only Jesus word has the power to make us not see dearth. Though some things we keep may be important, however they should not hold such great importance than the word of Jesus. Only Jesus word is life and trustworthy for living in this world. May we prayerful keep Jesus word. Amen.


The Destitution of Service

…though the more abundantly I love you, the less I am loved. —2 Corinthians 12:15

Natural human love expects something in return. But Paul is saying, “It doesn’t really  matter to me whether you love me or not. I am willing to be completely destitute anyway; willing to be poverty-stricken, not just for your sakes, but also that I may be able to get you to God.” “For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though He was rich, yet for your sakes He became poor…” (2 Corinthians 8:9). And Paul’s idea of service was the same as our Lord’s. He did not care how high the cost was to himself— he would gladly pay it. It was a joyful thing to Paul.

The institutional church’s idea of a servant of God is not at all like Jesus Christ’s idea. His idea is that we serve Him by being the servants of others. Jesus Christ actually “out-socialized” the socialists. He said that in His kingdom the greatest one would be the servant of all (see Matthew 23:11). The real test of a saint is not one’s willingness to preach the gospel, but one’s willingness to do something like washing the disciples’ feet— that is, being willing to do those things that seem unimportant in human estimation but count as everything to God. It was Paul’s delight to spend his life for God’s interests in other people, and he did not care what it cost. But before we will serve, we stop to ponder our personal and financial concerns— “What if God wants me to go over there? And what about my salary? What is the climate like there? Who will take care of me? A person must consider all these things.” All that is an indication that we have reservations about serving God. But the apostle Paul had no conditions or reservations. Paul focused his life on Jesus Christ’s idea of a New Testament saint; that is, not one who merely proclaims the gospel, but one who becomes broken bread and poured-out wine in the hands of Jesus Christ for the sake of others.

By: Oswald Chambers

Clint Smith: The danger of silence

I loved this presentation. What i love from his presentation is that not being silent does not merely mean words. He gives a testimony of his life that he used to speak out but only realized that he was just satisfying the ears of his listeners, that he was not speaking into the consciences of the others. I can relate so well with his experience, i am very self conscious and sensitive to what would people think of me. Though i do speak out to certain things, i always make sure i don’t loose anything and rather gain more respect and honor. This realization was greatly magnified by Facebook. When i place a comment, i would expect many likes on it. This means that i depend on people for an identity, i am in effect worshiping people and depending on them for my joy and meaning in life. It is like i have them into a god. That is in effect rejecting the truth that i was created by God, this is the response of my fallen sinful nature. I need to accept that i have a true identity in God who created me. When God created mankind he said this is good. Each person was good in God’s eyes even before anyone did anything good or bad. When Jesus died on the cross he said it is finished, the work of God to transform me into his son was completed. 

From the presentation i learn that, not being silent will cost you something, either reputation, job, friendship, even your life (as was the case with Martin Luther King Jr), etc. Considering the love of God revealed through what Jesus did for me, i really have no reason to be silent. Thanks Clint Smith for this awesome presentation. 

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”– Martin Luther King Jr.

How To Start A Movememt

This video explains the importance of followers rather than leader. He told that if all of us become a leader, it would be ineffective. The current education system is focused on growing leader. Perhaps this might be wrong. I always wanted to be a leader. But now I think that good followers are needed. They are also important for the success of the organization. Maybe I could be a good follower.

The first follower is what transform a lone nut into a leader…

On Prayer!

Andy Stanley is a pastor striving to honor God in all possible ways. I came to know about him via facebook today and went through some videos of him on youtube. His biblical view on prayer, just wow, in fact it is the way his father put it. The passage is based on Matthew 6:6, “But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.” My take on this was that the reward was God’s answer to my prayer. Which means in my prayers there would be needs among thanksgiving and praise(as a result of joy within) to God.

However as the narrative continues, we read, “And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words. Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.”  It is not about words or how elegant i can put my words. My father already knows what i need before i even ask him. Now this is where Pastor Stanley begins to hit a home run. He says the moment we ask ourselves, why do i need to pray if God already knows what i need, why don’t just say praises and thanks, why do i need to tell my father about the things i need. Pastor Stanley says that in having that question, we have already began to get closer to the true meaning of why we pray. I remember a couple of my friends having this question, and i also became curious like them, “yeah why if God already knows, do i have to lay down my requests”. I remember at that time after some thinking, the simplest answer was that it is more about a relationship with God. But i can see now that my understanding on that statement was shallow.

Pastor Stanley reminds me that, the most important thing is our relationship with our heavenly father. In the video he makes an example. That secret place is the place of deep relationship with God and the reward is that inner peace. The peace that, either my father answers me, whether God says, YES or even NO, i would still be at peace. Even further, that if God does not give any response, one would still be at peace. That is a sure sign of a deep relationship with our heavenly father.

This is just wow for me. The fact that i tend to make other things the most important things in my christian walk, such as having a big name (being honored and respected for my faith). I run the danger of praying much, sacrificing much for others and in the name of God, yet not having a deep and personal relationship with my heavenly father. What a loss and wasted life. As Pastor Stanley puts its, everything comes from my relationship with God, everything. This i believe, for one simple reason, i am what i am today because of the breath of God. The fall of Adam and Eve was a broken relationship with God, before they could speak freely with God. However after they trusted their intuition more than God’s, they began to hide away from God.

All is really rubbish if it does not lead me to a deep and personal relationship with God. It is God who gave me prayer, so i can be in a secret place with him, like a married couple, such secret place is were i will grow deep and personal with my heavenly father.

We are connected with God through Jesus Christ

The story of the dearth of Jesus Christ on the cross is quite epic. One can draw a number of conclusions or lessons from it. However i want to share this video which i honestly believe has captured the core message of the cross of Jesus Christ.

The video says it all, i do not even want to add a thing. The question that remains is this: how does one continue to live their lives with this knowledge or experience of God’s love. (heads up to Judah Smith for that: